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Total Integration - DirectTV
Integrated Cable TV Components

Now get everything DirectTV has to offer - on every TV for every patient - except the set-top box!*


Using the PDi Model PD295-001 Satellite Interface Module with a new DirecTV system brings everything but the clutter to your facility. More than 100 channels plus ESPN and local programming, total integration with your TV system, and compatibility with TV remote controls and pillow speakers. There’s more to like and less to see. And if you’re already a DISH or DirecTV subscriber - or about to switch from Cable - you’ve gotta see this!

  • Compatible with all PDi TVs (15” and larger)*
  • PDi Model PD295-001 Sattelite InterfaceSeamless control of DTV satellite receivers from the TV set’s keypad, remote control, or pillow speaker (eliminates separate DTV remote control)
  • Fits all standard mini-mod racks
  • No additional external power source needed
  • Compatible with all PDi TVs (15” and larger)*
  • Uses standard CAT5 cable connection, providing homeruns of up to 200 ft.
  • Status indicators provide easy troubleshooting
  • On-screen programming allows customized interface configuration

Call 888-523-8871 today, and learn how we can help you get more from less with the PDi model PD295-001 Satellite Interface Module.

* Requires PDi TV sets and CAT5 cabling.

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